Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy New Year 2013 from the New Ocean Sports Dive Shop in Lompoc, CA

Happy New Year everyone!! We can't wait to see what exciting new adventures this year will bring for all of us! Just this last year so many of our new & experienced divers have travelled with their PADI Scuba Certifications to Africa, Thailand, Roatan, St. Lucia, Hawaii, Mexico, the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and more! Where will you end up diving this new year 2013?? :) 
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas from Ocean Sports Scuba and Freediving, The Dive Shop in Lompoc, CA.

We at Ocean Sports Dive Shop would like to wish all of our Divers, their Families and Friends a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Wherever you are in the world, whether it be some beautiful Tropical Diving Destination or in the warmth and comfort of your own home we hope you're all having an amazing time!! We wish you all the best and that you'll have an incredible New Year!! Sincerely,
Shaun and Kimberly :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The NEW Ocean Sports Dive Shop owners in Old Town Lompoc, CA are thankful for...

the best mix of Scuba Diving, Freediving, UW Photography, Spearfishing, Dive Travel, Fun, Family and Friends taking in the amazing adventures of the ocean through our Dive Shop in Lompoc, CA.

our awesome new Dive Shop built by sheer will & determination, 2000% Hard Work, the love of diving & relentless support from our families to make possible what we are today: Loving what We DO! 

dedicated and wildly fun student divers who braved the elements to finish their private PADI Open Water Class before having to leave back up to their home in Mendocino County.

our Dive Family, Friends, new Divers, Freedivers, Kayakers, and Explorers alike who made our 3rd Annual Ocean Sports Catalina Dive Trip a huge success with FUN, EXCITEMENT & great FOOD!  

adventurous PADI Junior Open Water Students getting scuba certified with us to join the ranks in their Family of divers who will all be diving together soon in Hawaii on their Vacation!

the new Freediving/Spearfishing section in our Shop full of everything you could hope for!

groups of family & friends that encourage each other to try something new at our Discover Scuba Class where you get to experience scuba diving in an indoor heated pool for just $25!  

venturesome couples who get PADI Scuba certified at our shop and have a great time with us and eachother during the process! Now they can go diving anywhere in the world, like Hungary!!

the wonderful, amazing Lompoc Aquatic Center & all it's staff for making our Pool Lessons possible! 

excellent visibility (from 40-100ft) for our 2012 Catalina Island Dive Trip!

three generations of Lompoc Dive Shop owners and PADI SCUBA Instructors at our Grand Opening July 22, 2012! Thank you Phil (middle) so much for paving the way by opening the first dive shop in Lompoc the 1970's, in the very same building where we are now! And thank you Ron (left) so much for helping teach us the business of running a dive shop!! :) And thank you Shaun (right) for continuing this legacy in Lompoc of amazing Divers, Instructors, Underwater Hunters and Businessman. 

the Lompoc Dive Club for participating in so many community events and diving events, including our very first official Fii Level 1 Freediving Class!  

the Vandenberg Aqualliers Dive Club for their work on base welcoming divers, their families, and showing them how great the local diving and underwater hunting can be! 

one of our very first Open Water Students in Lompoc becoming an avid diver and spearfisherman under Shaun's teaching, resulting in fresh seafood and a great dive buddy! 

students from Lompoc High School and Cabrillo High School choosing our Dive Shop's certification courses as the subject of their Senior Projects. We have such a great time helping them!!

Moms and Daughters who start their Scuba certification classes together, nurturing dreams of becoming a Marine Biologist some day and inspiring their friends and family to do the same! 

the awesome bond and experience that's created when families get certified together, travel to new places together, and scuba dive together!! Wonderful memories in the making every time!

the Dive Industry and its amazing technology that has produced such high quality Dive Equipment Companies for us to choose the best from!

the wonderful Dive Equipment Companies that donated to our Grand Opening Raffle, making our day such a huge success and giving our divers some great prizes like this Akona Dive Bag & Franko Map!!

enthusiastic divers from the 80's who re-take the scuba certification course to learn all the new cool technolongy scuba diving has to offer now in the way of recreation and safety!

friends trying on scuba equipment for the first time, loving it, and signing up immediately for their Open Water Scuba Cert Class together! Awesome dive buddies in the making!!

our first official Fii Level I Freediving Class taught by Dan Silveira and all the students we got to fill it! Dan was such an exemplary instructor & we were so impressed with all of our divers!!

totally awesome OMER Camo Freediving and Spearfishing gear like what Dan was sporting in the ocean portion of our Freediving Class.

more awesome OMER gear like this Black Moon wetsuit that one of our very cool Open Water Students just got SCUBA certified in that she also uses for freediving and spearfishing, of course!!  

more and more girls getting SCUBA certified! Each of these girls got certified to go travel and dive some of the world's most beautiful places in Puerto Rico, Thailand, Mexico, and the Bahamas!!

Underwater Photography & California Diving! Each time you go for a dive whether it's off the beach or out at the Channel Islands you never know what amazing new things you're going to come across!

marvelous families coming to us to get scuba certified together! Taking their time becoming the best dive buddies possible, starting in the classroom, at the pool lessons and then out in the Ocean! :)

 each one of our students that joins our Dive Family, fresh out of the water and always so overjoyed to be scuba certified! It's a great moment for all of us to be proud and delighted!! :) 

animated groups of our dive students who are as equally high-spirited with their own recent scuba certification as they are of the whole group's success and fun in completing the course together! :)

our experienced divers and their families taking advantage of the great weather and excellent diving we had on our 2012 Catalina Island Dive Trip! We had such a wonderful time with everyone there!!    

our divers w/their friends and family having a total blast together on our 2012 Catalina Island Dive Trip! This is why we do this trip, for everyone to have as much fun as we always do there!   

unforgettable times like these for us that we want to help create for everyone who walks through our Dive Shop door that are just as amazing and memorable for you! =) 

Hilary (right) from Two Harbors Dive Shop on Catalina Island for hiring both Shaun (middle) and myself (left), Kimberly, giving us our very first jobs in the Dive Industry! Then introducing us to eachother at the famed Buccaneer Days Festival sparking not only our future careers but our amazing relationship!!!! And you always treat our Dive Groups the Best!! :) Thank You Hilary!!! 

THANKS to everyone from Shaun & Kimberly at the NEW
Ocean Sports Scuba & Freediving
117 1/2 South H Street
in Old Town Lompoc
(805) 944-8522

Thursday, September 27, 2012

2012 CA Lobster Season Opener All-nighter w/ Ocean Sports Scuba & Freediving in Lompoc

WIN $50 store credit at Ocean Sports Scuba & Freediving Shop in Lompoc, CA for the 2012-13 Lobster Opener if you bring the first legal live CA Spiny Lobster to the dive shop after catching it! 
We will be open ALL-NIGHT waiting for you!
Special Dive Shop hours for the Lobster opener this weekend are Friday Sep. 28th, 10am through Saturday Sep. 29th, 5pm.
Call us with any questions about CA Spiny Lobster Regulations at (805) 944-8522 or stop by the dive shop to get your Lobster Gauges, Dive Lights, Glow Sticks, Game Bags, Gloves, Hoods &..

This could be you!! Be the first to bring in a live 10 lb or more CA Spiny Lobster in the 2012-13 Season to the dive shop and you win $100 store credit!!
Ocean Sports Scuba & Freediving
117 1/2 South H Street
Lompoc, CA 93436
(805) 944-8522
Happy 2012-13 Lobster Season Everyone!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ocean Sports' Catalina Island Dive Trip 2012

Ocean Sports' Catalina Island Dive Trip - Images by Kimberly Park

It's that time of the year again Divers!! We at Ocean Sports Scuba and Freediving are planning our Annual Catalina Dive Trip this November. It will start Friday Nov. 2nd and the fun will go through Sunday Nov. 4th! This is always our favorite trip to do for our divers, sharing one of the best places to dive in the Fall that we know and love. Shaun and I (Kimberly) will be your dive guides for the weekend and will share all the best spots to go. It's a great time where everyone gets to have fun no matter what activities you choose! :) We have very limited space so please come by the shop or call us to express your interest and put down a deposit ($100 non-refundable per room). The prices are;

 1 room, 1 round trip Catalina Express ticket, 1 person  =  $205
 1 room, 2 round trip Catalina Express tickets, 2 people  =  $305
 1 room, 3 round trip Catalina Express tickets, 3 people  =  $405

Also included for everyone in our group is 50% off all rentals; dive gear, kayaks, snorkel gear, beach chairs, boogie boards, bocce ball, and more. ALSO for the dedicated scuba divers in the group it's only an extra $20 for unlimited tanks and weights for all three days! 

So come on down to our new dive shop location, 117 1/2 South H Street, Lompoc, CA for more information or call (805) 944-8522. Take a look at the slideshow above from the previous years' dive trips and see what awesome diving and recreation that's in store for you on our Catalina Dive Trip! 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Labor Day Sale on Dive Bags at Ocean Sports SCUBA and Freediving

Come check out all of our Dive Bags and Game Bags in store and special order for 15% OFF through Monday, September 3rd 2012. Shop hours are today, Saturday 10am-5pm and Monday 9:30am-6pm. Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! Safe Diving!! :) 

Ocean Sports SCUBA & Freediving
117 1/2 South H Street.
(805) 944-8522

Monday, July 9, 2012

Ocean Sports Lompoc Dive Shop has MOVED!!!

Hooray!! Ocean Sports is NOW OPEN at 117 1/2 South H Street. Monday-Saturday: 10am-6pm (805) 944-8522
It's official, we at Ocean Sports Dive Shop are trailblazing the movement to bring more business and excitement to Old Town by moving into the original building of Lompoc's first Dive Shop in the 1970's! We've done a major amount of fixing things up and it's NOW ready!!! Take a look below at what we started with and then you can all truly enjoy and appreciate our efforts when you stop by! 
THANK You ALL for being so patient with us having to close-up the old shop in order to get everything going with the new shop. We can't wait for everyone to see it, you will be amazed!! And in efforts to entice you all to come see the new shop we will be having a Grand Opening Saturday, July 21st and a Grand Raffle with prizes from our major diving companies! Every certified diver who walks through our door that day (with C-Card in hand) will get 5 FREE raffle tickets for just showing up! Stay tuned for more details on times and prizes!!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

March Madness Pool Dive Lessons w/ Ocean Sports Dive Shop at Lompoc Aquatic Center

It's been a great month full of pool lessons for us at Ocean Sports Dive Shop. We've been really excited to start teaching so many different groups of people how to dive over at the Aquatic Center in Lompoc. We've been having a lot of fun with each and every student, starting with their classroom sessions through both of their pool lessons and now ready to go out to the Channel Islands for their Open Water dives off of our private Dive Boat out of Santa Barbara Harbor! It's such an amazing experience getting SCUBA Certified and we're so happy to be able to do that for so many eager student divers of all ages!    

Call us when you're ready to start your PADI SCUBA Certification Lessons or if you have any questions at all about our intro Discover SCUBA pool lessons, up through the first level of professional diving becoming a PADI Dive Master. 
Ocean Sports Scuba & Freediving
Now in Old Town Lompoc
117 1/2 South H Street
(805) 944-8522