Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spearfishing Contest-Underwater Hunters-Santa Barbara, CA: Halibut, Sheepshead, & Cabazon

1st place Winner: Halibut - 37in & 30lbs - Speared by our very own Ocean Sports Instructor Shaun, getting himself the biggest fish $$$ Pot! Congratulations Shaun!!! =)

Atta Boy!! Shaun also speared the largest Cabazon of the day! 

2nd place: California Sheepshead- One of three speared by one of the dive shop's regulars Bingo! Awesome job Bingo!!! :)

Making us proud Bingo! You really Shot the Sheep!! =D

Good job Marc & Bruce getting some good seafood w/ a fresh scallop & Cabazon. 

Divers & Hunters of the Deep!! Thanks you guys for participating in our first Spearfishing Contest and making it a great day of good ol' diving and hunting for all!!

by Ocean Sports Scuba & Freediving
(805) 944-8522

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spearfishing & SCUBA Diving Santa Barbara Channel Islands w/ Ocean Sports Lompoc

Thanks everyone for your interest in our 1st Spearfishing Contest that starts dark and early tomorrow morning!! We filled this dive boat to Santa Cruz Island especially quick and that's how we like it. First come, first serve!!  So all of you who couldn't join us this time just keep in touch & we'll let you know the next time we go out